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Not mushrooms

Fungus. I got a bad case of fungus.

Well, to be truthful it's my cell culture that is infected. So I had to throw it away and sterilize everything in the culture room. Yum. So now my experiment will be delayed a good deal since I can't get to work until Tuesday.

But good news, while cramped and limping in the final stretch, crosses the finish line invariably: I emailed the prof in my membrane class about my final and he notified me that the paper is twelve pages _double-spaced_. I've already written 7 pages single-spaced, so for once math works in my favor. My weekend looks incredibly free! I'll do editing instead of writing and since my lab's closed on Monday, I may just stay an extra day (we'll play it by pierced ear).

But now I have to psyche myself up for asking the boss to let me stay in his lab, as my advisor today told me that that's basically the next step for me.

Okay, now I drive like the wind for dinner at Mom's.

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