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C'est trop, je pense.

I'm writing a paper for my cellular physiology/molecular biophysics class right now, for my final. We write the question and answer it. Sounds easy, but it's a 12-page paper. Twelve. I was choking down my _5_ page paper a month ago for pharmacology/pharmacokinetics. It's not the difficulty, I don't mind that; it's the length. I write in a very succinct form, and this does not jive with the assignment. I've written enough content to equal my classmates' papers already in 5 pages. The rest is agonizing padding/editing/finding new ways to repeat myself. I've gone so far as to write _two_ questions, and I'm answering them both just to fill the space. Jee-zus. I have until Tuesday morning to finish, though, so although I won't be able to work on it Friday or Saturday I will be working on it Sunday and Monday (likely until 4am).

This, alongside my Molecular Biology&Genetics final coming up on Wednesday (!) and my Lab work and summation due sometime next week. (!!!) And the boss called me into his office today to ask me to edit a manuscript for him and to get my current experiment completed ASAP because he wants to put it in a publication. I think I'm going to have to stay past my alloted time allowed for a lab rotation and into my week vacation. This is really horrible (we only get a total of 4 weeks off of class per _year_) and really exciting (It would be my first scientific publication and it would shoo me in for being able to do my dissertation research in his lab). It's been one of _those_ weeks and will end up being one of _those_ months (and it's beginning to show on my face, to add to the pile).

Tomorrow is a half-day holiday so I'm going in early (no class) and punching that experiment in the mouth, then I hop in the truck and drive down to Baton Rouge to do the Easter thing with the family and hopefully visit with my friends. And study. And do chores that my mom's not able to do when there's no heavy lifter (me) around.

I say Got-damn!

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