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My GOD. I just lifted weights a spell; just a little, just a taste until I could feel the fermentation. W0W. *shivershiver* The feel of tightness across the body, whether from stress or cold or injury or excitation, is such an opioid. I would consent to looking like a 3rd-grader forever to feel so nice.

There's a funny new commercial for the snuggle fabric softener. The British accent is ectopic, but it's funny still. And on RealTV there was just a scene where someone was releasing a jaguar into the wild and trying to force it out of the cage by ramming a pole into the beast's face repeatedly. So as soon as he gets back into his truck AND LEAVES HIS WINDOW OPEN the jaguar (ironically) leaves the cage; then it runs and jumps into the truck and claws the everloving shit out of the guys face for about half a minute. I thoroughly enjoy justice in all its forms (but my flag waves highest for the bloody kind).
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