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The show went much better than the last one. I could only see the stage from an angle, but I saw Al and the guitarist, and that's all that I wanted anyway. They played almost every song from Psalm 69 and Filth Pig. It was very good. I just leaned against the bar and watched. At the end I even got to pick up my CD from the TKK show. So that was nice. I had only a beer and a half, and I'm glad I did because it was too crowded to drink, and the 70minute drive home would've been less than fun otherwise.

When I parked in the pay lot, some burnout in the car next to me slammed his car door into my truck, and then walks off without even looking back. Needless to say I was displeased with his behavior. I jumped out of the truck and ran over to him and threatened to kick the shit out of him right there in front of the guard (his girlfriend was more worried than this stoner). I made him go over and look at my truck and all he could mumble was 'sorry, I didn't know you were in the car, man...' _that_ got me pissed. The guard looked at my truck and I decided that my door guards had prevented any scratches. I was still very unhappy with the half-bake so I jumped down his throat some more for good measure. That's very unlike me, but for him to defend himself with basically 'I'm sorry you caught me' was not happening.

Before that though, I went to the head shop (with all it's head-shop goodness tacked up on the walls); this shop had a couple of walls dedicated to dildos, for some reason. The guy running the place was cool though, cut me a deal on some jewelry.

Before that I went to this piercing studio I'd saw an ad for (trained by Fakir himself), and bought a new CBR and had it tapered back into my old tragus hole (up to 16g, ooooooouuuuuchhh that hurt going in). And I guess I got bitten by the piercing bug, because I got a labret piercing while I was there. The stainless ball is too obvious so I switched it with a smaller anodized. That too may be too visible, even from beneath my facial hair; so I may have to bust out the Testors miniature paints and paint the ball with some fleshtone to hush it down some.. It's behaving itself quite well, considering.

as an aside..I took that carebear quiz and it said I am nihilist bear. Just to save you all the cheezy quizilla graphics.

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