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Mot du jour

The word for today was bile.

Pronounced BAAAIIIIIIIIUUUUGGHHLLL!!!*drip, sputter, heave*.

Pronounced about 15 times.

At about 4 I was able to hold down water, so that was alright. I had to cancel my eye appt because I was feeling too bad; that was a downer because I had to walk half a mile to get there. The concert was a waste; I left before all the bands played. I must've been the only one there without black vinyl and makeup on. I hate going to concerts alone because I always just stand there at the bar by myself and so I just start ordering drinks, and buying other people random drinks. I did talk to some interesting people though. I'm going back to a couple more concerts there in a few weeks. I'm going to stick to beers, because liquor always has me waking up on the ground outside somehow..

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