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I was trying to draw up a little card to use as a room sign for AC, but I seem to have left my drawing hand attatched to my good-looking body along with my functioning eyes, somewhere far, far away. I'll have to try again, and in the end it will look like some kind of mark to beckon the angel of death to passover. I spent the past couple of hours trying to determine P values for old data; except that I've never taken stats, so I have no clue if what I did makes any sense. We'll see tomorrow I guess.
The maintenance guy came and cleaned out our sink traps (They were gross enough to where _I_ almost stopped eating my candy, if this is believable) and then goes to fix the vaccuum line; he asks me "is there anything in here that can hurt me?", and I wonder if he can read the 12"x12" biohazard sign on the door or the large fluorescent "do not touch anything without gloved hands and 100% ethyl alcohol" signs taped everywhere. So i told him no, of course. I mean, if he's not worried about the kind of crap that we pour into the sink (for god's sake), I guess he's not going to get any _more_ cancerous from what's inside the hood.

So anyway, I made another little quiz.

My other Quiz

I designed it for my friends back in BR, so y'all probably wouldn't be privvy to the info; but everything's a learning experience, I try to pretend.

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