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And me without my BC glasses

I was at work today about 5:15, and doing some cell work, and a post-doc and I were finishing up a radiation experiment that had taken all day, where we had to spin some cells onto some microscope slides to observe the caspace. So we do it, and it finishes, and no cells stick to the slides; we make conjectures about the quality of the poly-lysine adsorbant and the ability of the filter and centrifuge. And then another post-doc comes in and tells us that the first one had diluted the sample too weakly and the cells had lost their inherent adherent property relative to the Rc of the centrifugal force. And we laughed for a good couple of minutes.

And then I realised that that right there was probably a pretty good reason why I'm spending friday night at home alone.


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Mar. 22nd, 2003 09:14 am (UTC)
ya, you lost me there on the humor part, but I'm definatley sure it was funny. :)

Kick tail song listed there! Perfect Circle rocks!!
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