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*Le vroom*

I'm for sure going up to the new HD place this weekend. I had good fortune lately and maybe I can afford ziss, qu'est-ce que ca veut dire.....down payment? ooooh, I lika the way that sounded. I'll think long and hard about it though, before signing any contracts.. The bind is funny: shouldn't buy before I rent a couple times; can't rent sans license, can't get license sans something to take the road test with. I can take riding classes, but it doesn't do much but fuel zee fire. Putain de Merde.

See, now I'm all throwing in fransay in ma blogg. I actually normally talk to myself in French, but I never write it b/c it's always a remember-fest to get the spelling and accents right. Speaking's just the easy part. End the war -- being a Francophone Skunk is, qu'est-ce qu'on veut dire - cliché, no?
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