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Got me some tickets to some concerts. Ministry, 4/8; Pigface & My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, 4/2; The Cramps, 4/22. All at Numbers in Houston. As much as ticketmaster's cost is, I dig it. Too bad my friends can't come, the shows don't pass by B.R. and I don't like going to concerts alone.

So the doctor just gives me a physical and as soon as I describe my symptoms she says 'you need new glasses. You don't wear your glasses enough and you're going blind. I'm sending you to the opthalmologist.' Well, at least I can get some replacements now. I also got some bloodwork and my last Hep B vaccination (they wouldn't let me get an A one too). Now I've got a huge bruise on my veins from needle trauma. But I'm relieved that a loose end is being tied.
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