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I went to that show last night, for the Asylum Street Spankers. It wasn't wammo, but a group he's in. It was really disappointing. It was kinda like bluegrass/blues/roaring 20's syle stuff, and it wasn't very good. Oh well. I drank a lot, and that has long since become an end in itself. I got to see my friend Looney, too. I hadn't seen him in a while. He moved back near Levi, so I'll maybe see him often.

I woke up this morning with a hangover. I don't remember going to sleep, but I never do when I'm over there. I'd left my carkeys in Looney's car, so I had to call him over so I could drive home. I've been inside all day, because hangover days are official 'do nothing days'.

I've got to get work done in the backyard. And also I've got to go to Galveston to look for apartments.

My Aunt and Uncle had their kid yesterday morning. Their 4th boy. I heard today that they're naming him Acey. Jesus, what a stupid name. That kid's lunch money is as good as gone.

Oh well. There's a special at Eckerds on Coke today so I've got to go there.

The exam yesterday evening, my Physical chemistry exam, was NOT CUMULATIVE. I made that sheet for nothing. I had it all organized into headings, and I could've just written one out. Oh well. It seemed easy, comparatively. It looked like most people weren't even going to finish the exam, when I left 10 minutes before the 2 hour limit. It was a standard test, just like all the other ones, designed for 1.5 hours. I feel a little bad for those people. Only 3 or so did I really not have a good Idea on. I sure hope I passed all my classes.

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