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I was up until 2:00am writing that pharmacology paper last night. Printing it out and sitting on the bed and figuring out places to add completely superfluous bullshit to fill space. I'm learning more reading this Clinical Pharm book I picked up at the store than I am in this class, and I'm really disheartened about that.

I wrote up a powerpoint presentation for my paper. Done. I'll present tomorrow. I have a very bad cold. Today was one cock-up after another in the lab; I didn't even get out until 6:45. I'll probably feel worse tomorrow from all the stress I was under today. I almost got into a wreck and I lost my hat. I had to fight not to completly lose my shit when I got home. My eyesight must've been affected by the cold, because I couldn't even read past 20 feet. Miserable.

Some grad student asked me to tutor her for money. I hate charity cases; If you can't get it by now, how the hell were you accepted at this school? She's absolutely troglodytic, to boot. I've got enough on my plate as it is, and frankly I hope she does fail out (or maybe it would make me look better to have one more person there who'se doing worse than me..)

And for some reason my dog had some sort of Grand Mal seizure all of the sudden going downstairs. I held him for a few minutes until it passed. He looked like he was dying. Maybe my day wasn't so bad in comparison; I'll try to take the opportunity to reflect and accept that I am a big pussy and can't deal with my lot so well as I thought.

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