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Short day at work since my cancer didn't grow as much as I had hoped.

It's been a sad little week so far. I'm slowly going crazy, I think. I haven't eaten in the past 2 days.. Christ, that's probably it, then. I haven't even been hungry. I just kind of ran out of food and forgot to want more.

I repartitioned my new HDD and installed ME, but it only ran 16 colors. So I installed the VC driver, and now it only loads windows every 2 reboots. So I'm thinking of cutting one of my toes off and sacrificing it to Kibo.

I bought some LongJohnSilvers, but it was kind of an impulse: like asking for a box of Marlboros when you go to the CircleK and then remembering you don't smoke.



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Mar. 6th, 2003 03:23 am (UTC)
you must love your food
f00d is g00d for you! Especially pizza,its a mountain lions main staple. care for a slice or heck with it the whole darn thing!
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