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Well to keep in line with it I'll mention that my computer still goddamn reboots with zero warning or error screen at least 4 times a week, usually while I am using it. Just typing, then *pop* POST. My system takes about 5 minutes to boot and it always has to do some kind of 'your hdd is corrupted' test each time. And I've come to find out that striking it with my fist doesn't help and trying to cut the case fan cables while it's on is REALLY unpleasant.

I have to decide if I should buy a new XP and hope that it's just the messed up hdd, or if I should buy an entirely new system and fulfill my office space-esque dream of bringing this pc loadletter-ing hunk of shit out to a field with a couple of hard ass pipe-hitting niggas and get medeival on its ass.

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