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The test went well. It was a 3-hour exam, 4 lecturers' worth of material. LOT of stuff. I went to petsmart and got some fish and dog stuff. I wanted to get a lizard and a mouse and a bird, too. But I always do wen I go there. I've been thinking again of getting another dog. I dunno if I've got the time to properly train and raise one, though. I'll think some more.

My neighbor's using the backyard to party with her clove-smoking fruitcake friends. So I'm sitting here drinking black and white beer. mmmm. drunky.

I've got monday off for some holiday. I wish I had next monday off, because I'm going back to Baton Rouge next weekend so I can go to New Orleans to see my mother ride in her parade on Saturday. As usual. I'm definitely going to be hitting the Port Royal Friday to ring up another $150 tab first, though. I am so thoroughly sick of this little island. There is seriously only _one_ blues bar here , and I can't even go because I have a thing about not going to a blues bar if I can't play the blues well. I haven't touched my guitar since ... jesus, since the last time I tutored my friend. Goddamn.

So here's my 4th beer. of maybe 10 tonight, if those assholes keep fucking around outside with the tiki torches and making my dog go absolutely _apeshit_.

I'm bored. 900 channels of dirctv and nothing on. Anyone want to chat?
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