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Preparation ... O.o

E.R. 's coming on in half an hour. I'll be watchin. I accidentally threw out one of the homework pages for my exam, so I'm missing it. Oh well. I'll be doing just one more HW sheet and then the last test, and I'll be typing up a one page cheat sheet. We're allowed one 8.5x11 inch sheet. I've got 4 to fit onto one, so I'm using the computer. Right now. In fact, now ER's almost on. Woah, let's not do the time warp again.

I hope I can read the cheat sheet this time. I've got to do well on the test, which'll be 2 hours of stuff. There'll be questions on theory, which I'll invariably not know. I'm hoping the actual math-related probs will be doable, and I won't make stupid logic and/or math mistakes. I've got 2 calculators, new batteries, and 5 new mech pencils ready. And I'll have 2 copies of the cheat sheet. One in my booksack, one in my pocket. Fuck you, Murphy! You will not get me tomorrow. Also, test is at 5:30pm, so I'll be wide awake. I just hope it's in the classroom, b/c the prof didn't say for sure where it'd be. If it's not, I will go APE SHIT.

I wonder if grad school will be this difficult? I'm guessing It wont be such a freakout, b/c I've got a strong background in Biochem and Cell biology and Molecular Bio, the 3 big things in grad school. I'm more worried about getting my ducks in a row and getting an apartment, and everything. And getting my pig cooker ready,and getting my backyard squared away... Yowzah!

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