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I left lab early b/c there wasn't anything for me to do there. Got an oyster poboy at the 'cajun greek' on the island, and it sucked compared to Baton Rouge food. The waitress apparently can't understand the southern Louisiana pronunciation of 'oyster', b/c she brought me a shrimp one. Gumbo was good, though. I went to the mall and then got some more frogs and fish for my aquarium. And I went to a camera store and bought a digital camera. A good one, too. Lotsa bells and whistles, haven't figured it all out yet. No more disposable cameras and no more bringing my and my father's several-thousand dollar cameras anywhere just to take some snapshots.

I bought a diary, finally, to write in print a log of the specific events that occur daily. Hopefully this won't obviate this LJ. I won't be entering much in the way of emotion in the written journal, I'll save that for here.
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