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I had to sit through _2 HOURS_ of 'sexual harrassment' and 'gender discrimination'. Jesus and his holy foreskin. I almost died. The blonde running her mouth the whole time. She had nice tata's, though.

And then I went back to my lab and found that the cell culture media bottle had a fungus the size of a personal pan pizza floating in it. It looked like a damned PORTUGESE MAN OF WAR. So. I hope that's settled.

I bought one of those Leatherman Wave tools yesterday, to replace the original one my dad gave me which I lost (showing my apparent disregard for the memory of dead people). It's pretty snazzy, because I can cut things on more of a "whim" schedule, instead of having to fetch a knife.

My head feels like I'm going to die. I lost my glasses, so I'll never know if the headache is because I can't see or if it's something else.

I didn't watch the superbowl. I don't keep up with football teams outside of Louisiana, so I don't have any interest in watching. I also drank all the beer saturday night so watching sports would've been completely perverted. I HOPE THE GOOD GUYS WON, THOUGH!! Jesus my eyes..
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