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a little red star

"FilmGrrl: nice job-i'd really like to see pictures of this
"julien: i like your ideas about "levels" of personalized work."
"Attinoss: I really enjoyed this experience story, particularily
the vived description of how tattooing feels to you. Extremely
well written and a joy to read, this experience transported me
back to my own tattooing experiences and the way I felt at the
time. Truly inspirational."
"ServMe: Thanks for your experience Brad, I've reviewed it and
although I think you might have been a bit more specific on the
time it took, I understand it's not that easy to recall things
like that after 5 years."
"Vanilla: Wonderful experience - very well written."
"Mrs. Penguin: I liked this a lot. Well thought out and nicely
written. Not a typical tattoo experience."
"bovvergirl: Wow, very well written AND descriptive. A great

it's indeed unusual to have _six_ reviewers compliment an experience submission. My first tattoo experience was "recommended" (they put a little star next to it on the list, how nice). It's on the front page of BME. If you have a bodyart experience to share (or some pics), you can get free membership (which you need to see the _really good_ pictures and read the IAM pages) for your trouble.

It is supposed to get into the 20's down here tonight. brrr.

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