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I turned in the homework today. I hand-wrote it, and nobody else did. I felt like such a tool with my college-rule in hand. I took 3 hours just to do a standard curve for the Bradford reagent I prepared. I followed the protocol exactly. Then the post-doc comes over and mixes the standars all kind of messed up, and it works beautifully. Damnit. Q: What the hell is the protocol for? A: to make me look like a mongoloid in a white coat playing dress-up with test tubes.
I sat through a seminar on rat sperm after that. How many slides of rat nuts must I endure in a day. I felt tea-bagged.


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Jan. 23rd, 2003 04:25 pm (UTC)
Don't know how being tea-bagged feels...
and I don't wanna know how you know, either! ;) A little confidence and experience goes a long, long way. I do that often at work, I seem to have merged my luck and skill points together. For whatever reason, I can often get IV's on 'unstickable' people, and don't do anything different that I know of than my coworkers, but... It's that vague unteachable 'something', mojo, jene`se qua (bad spelling), what the french call a certain... I don't know what. You'll get there. Just as soon as you stop seeing rat nuts. And please don't mistake them for Corn Nuts, a tasty snack of similar name. :)
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