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I woke up yesterday and decided that I was going to take a full holiday. I personally don't agree with the notion of giving MLKII a holiday while denying one to certain other worthy people, like Linus Pauling. However, it's a day off, and I'll take it. So I made biscuits and mopped the floor. That's something, I suppose.

Today, I went to the lab and and did nothing except make up a new batch of Bradford reagent, b/c my protein was too dilute for running a gel and the freeze-dryer was broken. I went to a biotransformation meeting and then home. I ordered some piercing supplies from BMEshop too. I guess after submitting some experience stories and some pics (which need to be resent) to BME and setting up my free IAM account, I got my piercing itch going. I'm actually a pretty accomplished piercer (if only on myself). So we'll see.
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