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GodDAMN indigent lesions.

While I was driving to the store today, some bum walked right into traffic as the light was about to turn green for us. He got about an inch past my fender as I gunned it at him; He turned and spit on my truck. I wanted to shoot him in the face. That is to say I pulled out my pistol and almost shot him in his face. His greasy filthy indigent nihilistic welfare face. He crossed the walk as slow as he pleased as the cars waited, and then turned and spat on a minivan as it finally started to move. I thought about turning around and running him down; it was still light out, and I can't risk hitting someone in broad daylight with my truck. I saw his face clearly, so if I have the chance again, I think I might clip him. If only to get out and explain our history together and why he shouldn't cross when it says "don't walk". Now I suppose I have freebase cocaine residue on my truck panel somewhere. Worst part is I probably would've been charged with a crime for crushing him under my tires. And I've been in a pissy fight-picking mood now for over an hour.

Of course it's old news to you if you've read my bum rant, but I FUCKING HATE BUMS.

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