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1st day of class went smoothly enough. Only one class on MWF, thank god. 9-10am, and on T/Th, a Blood, Hematopoesis, and Immune System class from 10-11:30. Th 3-4 is Group Literature Discussion/Problem Sessions. And, the rest of the time will be spent in my lab. I talked w/ my new lab PI and he gave me a few papers to pour over, and said that I'd be working on induction of oxidative stress on some cell culture lines. Sounds easy enough. He also said there'd be some publications coming out of it. THAT, I like to hear. I talked to a prof in my old lab (it was annoying having to sneak in, since they decoded my card for the building) about getting some experience w/ the HPLC, and he let me borrow the machine manual. I'll photocopy it. My old lab PI got me a gift which I picked up today, but he's in India until the 21st or something, so I can't thank him proper until then (and I'll probably have to scramble to get data analysis done on my old write-up for him then too). I bought books ($180) and got the ball rolling on my email getting fixed (hopefully soon, UTMB bread&butter is email. Seriously, the guy standing next to you is more likely to email you than he is to turn and talk.) Then I went and _finally_ got a replacement AC filter, 2 months late.

Busy, busy.

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