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I had lots of fun last night. I saw everyone there and came out w/ only a $35 tab. After the bar closed we got some beer and went to a friends to keep going (A friend with a hot tub, no less). I was the last to leave, and woke up feeling pretty good, considering. Bonus: nobody tried to force their tongue down my throat this year!

Didn't really do anything today, though, since all the mechanic's shops are closed (for no good reason, too. Today isn't anything special). I'll just go tomorrow, and tie up any loose ends before I vamoose. I think I'm going to buy a head/footboard for my bed and have it stained.

Paid my tuition ($780) and realized there's some computer error that's erased my account from the email system. Hope I didn't miss much important email :/

An old friend I saw last night for the first in months called and said he'd call back to go over to another's for a few, but he didn't. Probably the other (who it took 3 of us to carry out last night) didn't even get up today..

Well, I've got my resolution's written and schedules/due dates for them ready to enter into my planner. I do it this way to ensure I actually follow through with them, and it's worked swimmingly for me. Fur instance -- gym, 2/week until 4/1 and then 3/week after; start wearing a tie-worthy shirt to the lab 2/week; get cycle class by 3/1, buy bike by 4/1; walk dog far 3/week; go to pistol range >= 1/3 weeks; begin new inkpiece by 5/1; etc, etc. I've several more, I'll add 'em later. Things look promising this year; I'll have to essay to get more things done in the earlier months instead of doing it all at the end like I always seem to do.

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