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I just was thinking of when I finally realized how much I take sight for granted. Some post on aff about J. Hardiman. I realized it myself about a year or so ago, when I was getting bad headaches all the time, and I went to the eye doctor and took an eye exam. I couldn't read half of the damned lines. I realized how much I just assumed about what I was looking at when I looked around me. Most of my assumptions were correct, of course, because I'm not dead. but when It came to READING, I can't read well at all past about 20 feet. I don't wear my glasses all the time, but when I don't I can't read very well. Just another inherited genetic weakness. My sister actually wears fake glasses for the look; I'm the opposite, I don't wear my glasses unless I have to. I don't care for the way they feel on my decidedly misshapen head, and if I wear them too long I get headaches. I just can't win in the sight dept. I'm a premature ager. I started going grey at 16, I'm already astygmatic, and a cynical old conservative. What park bench will I haunt when I'm 30? Anyway, the point was that when I look at the world around me, I assume quite a bit of it. I've lost the pure faculty of perception and replaced it with some slipshod 'reasoning'. I hope I don't go completely blind; I would then probably want what, in my opinion, would be the only compassionate thing to do for a little blind skunk: not to see it coming.

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