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I saw the StarTrek movie. I was very disappointed. Brent Spiner wrote that? feh. I had a new deadbolt keyed to the back door and installed it (bugger off, serial killer) and bought a blower/vac to ethnically cleanse my deck. Mulch, bastards! I went and checked the obits for the last week to make sure one of my acquaintances isn't dead, and I reckon not since his name's absent. So, it's friday then. I guess I'll head to the Port.

Reminded of the last time I went to the bar, I had to pull a pistol on one of the drug-heads in the parking lot. Was dealing drugs not 20 feet in front of me, and kept eyeing my truck. I'll be damned if I'm getting it broken into twice in the same lot. They need to send a few shock troops into the ghetto nearby and raze all the crackhouses, roust and execute some warrants. Comprehensive's a bitch when you live here.