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ICQ hide and seek.

I've not been on ICQ in something like 2 weeks now. Not that it matters, nobody every messages me *big eyes frown, skint knee*.. They used to.. I'm on a different comp, and maybe it shows up as me not being on ever somehow. That's my self-sustaining hope. Ha.

So, the reason I'm never on is b/c There's a kid who asked me for help w/ his biochemistry final, and I gave him excellent detailed answers to his ?'s.. and then I looked over his paper and suggested a title for him. Then, he started bugging me about doing it again with more questions. I don't mind helping, but he only wanted me to do his homework for him. So, I just ignored him. I figure he realized he'd have to do it on his own. I kept telling him I wouldn't write his answers, but I'd critique his. But he just gave me some excuse about him not being able to have any idea about the concepts and he wanted to "mold his thoughts around my answers". Crock! If you can't get the BASIC concepts of Biochemistry, how the hell did you get in the class. Nobody takes BCH unless they're either majoring in it, or a related field. That guy ought to rethink his major. They were easy questions, too. the kind you could easily bullshit through my saying a few keywords. BCH has many 'keywords' for BSing answers.

Hmm. so d'ya think he'll lay off? not if he's not had his exam yet. Maybe I should just ignore him. He thought I was a biochemist for a while. It was kinda funny. He was telling me how outrageously excellent my answers were, how I had mastery over it. I think he got some of my butt hair caught in his teeth, tho. Then I told him I was a freshman in interior design, just to see what he'd say. Then, I got bored with it. Like you no doubt would be, if you were actually reading this.

I'll turn on ICQ and see what pops up.

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