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I'm gonna save the Starbucks cup, I think.

So it went like this today:

I woke up late, and got some writing done on my lab experiment write-up. I got to the point where I needed to go to the lab, and went. In the POURING rain, and wind so hard it broke my umbrella, The construction workers building the Biosafety level 4 lab wouldn't let me by because "the crane's gonna fall".

Turns out they were almost right. I got into the pathology building and found the scintillation counter had jammed and had begun resetting it, leaving all my crap in the other lab, when I notice everybody running like hell in the hallway. A cop comes in and tells me they're evacuating and I've got to go. Outside (sans jacket/keys/booksack, btw) I find that the crane is in fact ready to crash through walls and 5 buildings had to be evacuated. They wouldn't let us go Anywhere "until 4:30" (it was 2:30). So everyone says 'to hell with this' and leaves. The _entire_ Pathology department went home, except me who can't go home without his keys. So I monkey around watching the news crews come by and the cops yelling at everyone who tries to get past the police tape (in the 15mph winds, dammmit) and finally at 4 they let us in. I start talking to this guy trying to get into the building and we're talking about who the hell I am and he takes me to the hospital Starbucks and buys me a latte, and we sneak back into the pathology building via some secret passageway that in retrospect I'm glad I now know about. Turns out he's a professor of Molecular Biology running a Hepatitis B virus lab. Turns out, this guy is Dr. Chiaho Shih, the guy who cloned the first cancer gene! The guy who CLONED Ras just bought me a latte! He took me on a tour of his lab and his office and showed me all these textbooks that cited his name several times, and he said if I ever want to come by his lab, I'm welcome to anytime. Hot holy damn.

So I go back to the core lab and finish my latte and my radioactivity counts, and _just_ catch a post-doc as he's locking my lab up and get him to let me in to get my stuff. And I'm home now, about to go buy groceries and finish my write-up with complete data.

So that's the kind of day I've had.

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