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I think I've got some kinda virus that messes w/ my window sizes. they're always popping up in odd areas and sizes. What an annoying virus.

Anyway... It turns out that there's a Wammo concert this friday in NOLA. I cannot believe it. I was just randomly thinking of him the other day and I googled him to see if he's been making music. Turns out he's got a new album (which they do NOT carry in the stores here). I'm definitely goin. It's at the ShimSham club.

Took my exam today... I'm not sure how well I did... I'm guessing I'll get a C in Bch, but it's possible I'll get a B.

..I better study for my exam tomorrow and friday, I guess.

I got two dudes splittin' my room cost now. Excellent. $175 less cost. Just need one more dude/chick, and I'll be set.

Just hope the con don't suck.
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