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This is what I do when the dog goes to bed..

---> Name: Floyd. have you noticed that I sign everything F, mephit. now..
---> Birthdate: May 9
---> Birthplace: Metairie, LA.
---> Current Location: Galveston Island.
---> Hair Color: dk. brown.
---> Righty or Lefty: Righty.
---> Zodiac Sign: Taurus
---> Innie or Outtie: Innie (wtf?)

// series two - describe
---> Your heritage: Irish and Acadian
---> The shoes you wore today: Black combat boots. grunt.
---> Your hair: I just said dk. brown. it's short and growing all ugly. I wear a monkey hat to cover it.
---> Your eyes: Blue. do they change color? I dunno. Blue is blue.
---> Your weakness?: Computers (touch of death) and blues rythmn.
---> Your fears: Not procreating before I die.
---> Your perfect pizza: my perfect pizza? what's your favorite clickum? Really.. well, all meat. ALL meat.

// series three - what is
---> Your most overused phrase on aol\aim: not on there enough. On ICQ, etc. I say things way to simply, and it gets to the point where I'm basically Lothar of the Hill people. mm..yes, good. grunt..
---> Your thoughts first waking up: What time is it? have I filled out one of those odious surveys again when I was weak-minded at 3 eating popeyes? Is there a god? What's this in my shorts?
---> The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: brestasseses. sess.s And hands. A couple days ago, this evangelist guy knocks on my door when I'm about to leave for class. So I grab my pistol and open the door and listen to his spiel, all the while giving him the 'don't you _dare_ lose your place, you tell me every word they programmed you with and you look me in the eye and damnit don't shift in place" look. So he hands me some religion and as he does it I notice his hands are dirty. Cracked, and calloused, and dirty; This one works for a living. I smiled and the evil put the evil eye away for a bit. He softened, finished his speech, and I could see the GOTO END read across his face and he left. I will judge you by your hands more accurately than by anything.
---> Your best physical features: ? tattoos?
---> Your usual bedtime: late night.
---> Your greatest accomplishment: Graduating college and getting here.
---> Your best memory: I wish I knew.

// series four - do you
---> Smoke: Only one weekend a year.
---> Cuss: Like a sailor pissing fishhooks.
---> Sing well: Well, I used to. Now I'm too far baritone. It sucks having to falsetto every damn song.
---> Take a shower everyday: If I can help it. I lllooooove the shower. lloooove it.
---> Want to go to college: Not anymore.
---> Like high school: The sex&drugs&rocknroll part: cherry. The cops&knifing&cops&familyfallingapart part: sour grapes.
---> Want to get married: Yes. Once.
---> Type with your fingers on the right keys: ??? no, i'm a fuckinoeipokc..
---> Believe in yourself: I research and become correct, then I believe.
---> Get motion sickness: No, seasick. Dramamine.
---> Think you're attractive: I'm ugly and foul and drive toddlers to autism. Rar!
---> Think you're a health freak: I quit smoking. that's my contribution to the WHO.
---> Get along with your parents: parent. yes, she's happy with me.
---> Like thunderstorms: As long as I don't get sopping wet.
---> Play an instrument: guitar/bass/drums/voice/piano/bagpipe chanter.

// series five - in the past month, did/have you
---> Drank alcohol: Yes, yes.
---> Smoke(d): No
---> Done a drug: OTC. (bonus: my friends decided to stop buying coke! wow, I'm such a good influence on other people's behavior)
---> Made Out: Never have. <-- that's what the dude I stole this from put here. Wow... Seriously, I'm a big fan of making out. no talking, no furtive glances and yawn tactics, just a dental checkup right there in the backseat, etc. Ooh, I found a cavity! -well, I'd better fill it. ha! I should write books with Fabio on the cover..
---> Go on a date: I don't however, feel to keen on 'dating'. It's creepy and a bit morose in a way. A sallid pall falls over the whole evening. It involves too much sizing each other up and scheming. It's like playing Battleship except you have to tuck your shirt in and tip people.
---> Go to the mall?: Malls are for people with malls in their cities.
---> Been on stage: technically no.
---> Been dumped: No
---> Gone skating: No.
---> Made homemade cookies: Strangely, yes. Promise tastes NOTHINg like butter!!
---> Been in love: In the last month? no.
---> Gone skinny dipping: Where? in the Gulf?
---> Dyed your hair: No I like my grey.
---> Stolen anything: Only pencils off the floor. Change? *rattles cup*

// series six - have you ever?
---> Played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes *?*
---> If so, was it mixed company: I don't remember. ..
---> Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: I get it... A high school kid from Nebraska wrote this, right?
---> Been caught "doing something": I was once walked in on having sex with a girl by her momma. I jumped right offa the bed and I landed in her ashtray. Her mom just talked to the naked teenager for a minute with me lying naked on the floor and then left. .. I was covered in cigarette butts. SHE DIDN'T CARE. It was the quotes what brought me back.
---> Been called a tease: Never. Never tease. What'll the squad say?.
---> Gotten beaten up: I got knocked unconscious at the Karate Nationals once.
---> Shoplifted: Yes.
---> If so, did you get caught: Usually not. My kung-fu is strong.
---> Changed who you were to fit in: when I was little. Boy was my mom unhappy. Girbauds are pricy. She was happy when I went grunge. A whole year's wardrobe - $32.00

// series seven - the future
---> Age you hope to be married: late 20's early 30s
---> Numbers and Names of Children: two, 3, four (I like to hedge my bets) Names will be reserved for when I see their umbilical cord-toting asses in person.
---> Describe your Dream Wedding: I hope it includes somewhere (I'll consult with the wedding planner) me beating David Bowie with a bag of doorknobs. And that pineapple sherbet punch stuff.
---> What age do you want to die: young enough to be able to punch the guy who killed me.
---> What do you want to be when you grow up: A scientist. With x-ray vision and power over all things green.
---> What country would you most like to visit: Japan.
---> Current Clothes: My standard 'don't flash the neighbors' post-shower pants and some slippers.
---> Current Mood: Tired.
---> Current Taste: metal, blues, junk
---> Current Hair: Short.
---> Current Annoyance: schoolwork
---> Current Smell: popcorn
---> Current thing you ought to be doing: Sleeping.
---> Current Desktop Picture: It was a picture of a cougar, but my computer's messing all up.
---> Current Favorite Groups: ZZTop, Human Record, Bad Religion
---> Current Book: I hardly read anymore. Molecular Biology of the Cell, hopefully.
---> Current DVD In Player: None right now.
---> Current Worry: Passing my finals.
---> Current Crush: You know who you are, you cute lil... *lepurr*

Oh man. it's late. My popcorn's gone. goodnight.
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