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I've been typing up and editing my take-home test. It's not much of a test, it's really like 8 research papers of varying length. I'll spare you the actual questions but suffice to say you would glaze over and do the 'but I don't wwaaaannnna!!' dance like you did every time your mom tried to take you to the store to try on pants.

I go to to the library, because you can't do that there. (although apparently you can eat and drink there, b/c that's what everyone was doing on the 3rd floor around me.) I don't like how quiet it is there (so quiet you're afraid to rip one in the stacks for fear it would echo like some lost librarian's soul). And I believe I mentioned the loud-assed ghetto chix working the circulation desk ("see here this is how you search for 'sicka cell' ), playing 311 on a damned CD player.

I bought a new hard drive, after I noticed WINXP was telling me mine was corrupt every time I POST it. I'm gonna partition it for Windows and for UNIX. I'm gonna try it out for a bit. And then copy everything over from my old one and FDISK that bastard. Maybe, just maybe, it'll fix what's wrong with my computer.

Anyway, I have about a dozen papers here on the Drosophila decapentaplegic pathway and I still have to go back to the library for 6 more papers tomorrow...

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