Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Re: Commission Request

From J.Cristopher Goodwin

sounds good t'me.. :^)

it'd be about $40 depending on the complexity of the final image.
(range is $35-50)

how's that?



This is the only email I've found from the conversation (I was looking thru the old emails I saved from outlook on this computer the other day (I found a couple of emails from Shockwave about a year ago too). I emailed Chris about a year ago from another computer to check up on the commission (which was originally placed and paid for around January 01) and he said something like 'okay, will do'. I figured hey, why not see if he'll actually do it this time?

I've already mourned that $40 long ago, so if he craps out again, it's no big loss. But do be warned.
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