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Well guess what didn't show up in the lab today.. my reagents. Greeat. I stopped in the middle of my Racconus game to go, only to do more vial-labelling and pasteur pipette filter-making. Joy.

I love this new Sly Cooper game. Great graphics. only problem is, the camera angles suck. They're not very automatic, so if you don't keep moving it around, you don't see things. I've died about 324 times by now. But, I've completed a lot of the first level. It's easy on the continues and extra lives part. We'll see how far we get today.


Nov. 13th, 2002 09:07 pm (UTC)
KH is super fun, except a little camera frustration, and some cheap-ass stuff later on, when falling off the edge (which does not kill you, BTW) sucks a lot. TonyHawk is sweet for xbox, and GTA is super-fun. recommend!