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I didn't wake up until noon today. Good thing I don't have classes on thursdays. I usually get to the lab at around 1, but I din't go. I don't think I'll go today. I got an email this morn that my Celite is expected on the TWELFTH. Damn. I only have to get the MP mix to around 55000 dpm per 5 microliters. That should take a couple hours, tops. I can do it tomorrow at lunch or monday. I should've gone to bed before 3. I was up wasting some time on SOCOM again.

I got another email response to a newsgroup post today. I've been getting more and more of those lately.. I wonder why. Car- azee.. I dunno, seems like there's more of an onus to reply to the email than to a post response.. which is weird when you don't have anything relevant to reply with. ..

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