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I signed on with Dr. Awasthi today. He's personable enough. He looks very much like Ben Kingsley (which isn't odd since Kingsley's half Indian) and apparently his lab runs 'like a family'. Boss..

Got my protein concentrations done a la Lowry (came out w/ a 0.999 correlation the first time!) although the standard activity count was 400-700 instead of 55000 (wtf?) Take 2 tomorrow. Maybe the Celite will come then. Can't use it until I get a standard activity of near the theoretical.

My booksack came apart on me again earlier. I bought some 90-second epoxy (cool stuff) and fixed it (for the 8th time). It'll last for a good long while, hopefully.. I finally beat that level in SOCOM. I have about 4 other games I've not played yet, and 2 DVDs.. I won't have time before they're due back.. damn.

Yes, this is exactly how interesting my day's been.

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