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I did more calculations in the lab because the Celite's not in yet. I finally let go of the damned theoretical yield dream and just accepted the fact that my ratios and concentrations will not be perfect. They're not even that way in the literature. Of course, now I have maybe a month to get the damned reactions to come. The only theoretical yield I have to get right may not be, but it should be close enough. I went to two seminars today, one on tick-borne arbovirii and another on structural bio. or E.coli stress genes proteins. I didn't even pay much attention on the second b/c I was too preoccupied with my lab stuff. I've got to hit the books, b/c I've a take-home coming up.

I've been playing SOCOM on PS2 and I've gotten to the 4th or 5th level, but my pointman keeps getting sniped by charlie. I like this game because it involves sneaking around in the dark and sniping people. This is what God made me for, despite what science may indicate. Circumstance and other things kept me from doing what I always wanted. at least there's a nifty videogame to sate the sore throat from the gutteral cry of essential despair. Coke would help too, but I've drunk myself dry. I should go to the store.

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