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A great big shining star.

I just had a weird thought. I wonder if the reason that my computer's been running uber-slowly and there's a NetBus or Trojan attempt on my computer every 15 minutes (no exaggeration, it's about every 15 goddamned minutes for the past 2-3 months) is because someone's been trying to get control of my computer, a la backOrifice or somesuch. I had this thought a while back; that's not the weird thought. I'd been wondering, 'why the hell would someone care so much about what's going on with my computer?' And then I realized.
I spend about half of all the time I'm in front of the computer in some stage of nudity, depending on time of day and my general mood. And I've got a webcam aimed right at my crotch. I never use it, and I kicked the cord or something, so it's pointing far below my face, around genital-level.

Wow, maybe I'm a *star*!

AHhaha. I weep for the sad freak that finds me attractive. weep.. weep.... *weep*

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