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I went to 2 seminars. 2. God, I hate seminars. But, the free food is nice. I didn't even get a signature from the speaker from the second, b/c I figured he was too prestigious to sign off on the piddling assignment thing. I felt like a guido, so I ate free food and split. I had to leave my lab early to attend. eh. At least I got to hear the seminar by this big famous pioneer in stemcell research.

I started writing another story during the seminar. I gave up on the first one, b/c I realized about a paragraph into it that it wouldn't be suitable to publish. About a paragraph into this one, I just about got myself crying, for the utter melancholy involved. I could just imagine what anyone else would think of it. I reckon I'll give up on it also.

I read my earlier post and found that the name of the guy I was looking for didn't show up. Didn't see him anyway. Mebbe he didn't go. I hate this client.

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