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I am back. I am beat.

I got up at around 6:15, and layed in bed in agony of getting moving. I got ready and left (in the pouring rain) and got to their hotel and we ate and drove there. Muddy, as expected. This time, however, we decided to go out of costume as it would be easier. I'm glad, too, because as expected there were more men in kilts than out of them, it seemed. Sad.

We basically walked around and drank beer and ate meat and drank beer and ate more meat and shot arrows and made fun of people. And, drank beer and ate meat. I bought a polearm and walked around with it for fun. We left at around 3:30-4:00. My dogs were barking! It was a quick goodbye and I was outta there. Long drive home, b/c of the 5:00 Houston traffic. But that's through.

I enjoyed it. Hope we do it again next year.
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