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My friends are leaving BR at around 8pm, and I told them they'd get here between 1 and 3 with the roadwork. I dunno if they're staying here or in houston.. It's gonna be a nasty weekend to go to the renfaire. Oh well. I hope my boots dry out in time (they got soaked, along with the rest of me, yesterday as it was raining horizontally again.) At least my roof didn't leak again.

The group discussion went well, thankfully. I spoke up and I feel much better for it. I didn't go to the lab afterwards, I don't really feel like it now. Maybe I'll go on sunday to make up for it. I'll be doing laundry and getting my apt. squared away for the boarders. I just hope the bagpiper doesn't get to be a hassle.

I've got some crap from my truck to clear out, assuming I'll be driving some of them to the faire if they stay here (my truck seats more than any of my friends cars, I always find amusing). I've got an old print of raccoons from the house to put up. My fam's got a lot of old nice animal prints and only some are actually hung. Might as well take advantage. I've brought my blues guitar here, and some clothes and paperwork.

I missed Law&Order wednesday.. I bet it was good, too. Oh well.


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