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Wow. Molecular Biophysics isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. Or at least, that's what the presenters at the Cellular Physiology/Mol. Biop. Dept. made me think.

I reviewed the paper for discusssion on Friday. Now I have to actually speak up. I will, even If I've to take a couple of my cyclobenzapines to get me all inhibition-less. Ooooh.. I would get a little too into the group discussion then.. no, I'll stick to ephedra pills and caffeine and aspirin (this comprises the "ECA stack", btw: a classic bodybuilder mix to cut fat like Dahmer). I got on my scale the other day and found that I've lost between 15 and 20 pounds since I moved here. I had no Idea - I don't feel any lighter. I've mostly lost muscle, I imagine, since I don't go to the gym anymore. *sob* I would _love_ to put the pounds back on, but with muscle... mmmm.. happy thoughts.

I just age 5 ounces of Blue cheese off a hunk. I'm not feeling particularly good..

btw - to individuals X, Y, Z, and Theta: When my trillian away message says "leave me a message", you're not supposed to reply with "no", or "I said, hi!". That's just ignorant. If you've got the stones to message a stranger, then you can follow through.
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