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I also decided to get myself a new barrel for my Thompson Contender pistol (one of the best pistols made). The ones I've got are a 15" or so 7x30 Waters with a muzzle break and a scope, sighted at 100 yards, and the other is a .22lr . I want a short muzzle break-fitted large-caliber (like .44mag, .45 longcolt, or a specialty gauge) to replace my little Bryco as my concealed piece. the Contender's a single-shot pistol, but how many shots do you need with a .44 mag anyway?


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Oct. 16th, 2002 08:04 am (UTC)
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Actually, you only need 1 shot, if you're good. If you're me, you need 3 or 4 magazines, but either way, they'll prolly run after one. Hell, I would! I keep a sawed-off shotgun as my concealed piece... ;) Actually, I only have it for house defense, nut I've used it enough to be quite capable, and the knowledge of where to hurt humans and some ballistics work doesn't hurt, either! I keep a smattering of both 00 Buck and slugs, in case the trespasser hides behind a door/wall/car or something. I hope I never have to use that thing! 22's are fun, do you go out plinking things every now and then? That's one of the few good memories I have about my real father... Good Times! Sorry to hear about your plating problems! It'll work out, that stuff seems to grow everywhere eventually! ;)
Oct. 16th, 2002 03:47 pm (UTC)
Right now I carry a .380 semi-auto, but I'd switch it up if I went anywhere where I could carry a concealed weapon..

I go plinking every now and again (more rarely, since I'm farther from where I can now). I usually go to pistol ranges and shoot my larger calibers, to keep my aim and quick draw. My dad and I used to go shooting a loong time ago, and I enjoyed it too. I'll do it with my kids someday.

Be careful with that sawed-off - cops tend to not like to find people with them.
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