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Damn my extractions.. I think they're beyond repair. I'll have to start from scratch, I imagine. Damnit.

Well, I got a call from that Iranian girl telling me her car wouldn't start and basically can I come jump her car. So I explain to her that it's probably not her battery but her alternator, wiring, or just a flooded air intake. But, I tell her 'okay, I'll come over and jump it anyway.' So I drive all the way to the AutoZone (I had to go buy jumper cables, as I didn't have them, and a new towstrap) and back, and jump her car. Of course, it wouldn't jumpstart. I figured as much. It turned over a few times, but wouldn't start. So I told her to call a towtruck and have a mechanic look at it. I was tired before she even called, so I just went home afterward. Well, at least I have jumper cables now.

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