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I've been wondering whether or not to go to the ER the past half-hour or so. I all of the sudden had to go the bathroom while I was at Wal-mart earlier. Like Really bad. Like 'I will knife you if you get in my way' bad. I got in my truck and ran a red light right in front of a (thankfully apathetic) cop to get home. I got here and went to the bathroom; I didn't feel better. I saw blood, and felt much worse. The only reason I'm not going is because this happens every so often (except the blood part). If there's blood tomorrow, I'll go to the hospital. I know all to well what they'll do to me if I go right now; I'd rather go through that when I'm not so weak and tired.

I took a shower and felt a bit better afterwards. I sure hope it's nothing chronic. If it is, I'm suing my jerk gastroenterologist.

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