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In the lab today I ran two Lowry assays and both came out badly (I guess they're bad. I dunno.) The first I blamed on bad phenol, but I fixed that for the second. I guess maybe it's bad buffer. That'd be my fault, thank you. Wasted day. wasted day. I typed up the two questions I finished, only need the cited materials here so's I can cite them. yup. Tomorrow I'm off to waste an entire day on the third question. Great. I've given up on any plans to do things outside of school. Not for academia's sake, but for my own lack of motivation. I can't do it. I've let go, and here I'll circle the drain until an event, a 'moment of clarity' blows by and hits me like it does from time to time to force me off of the bleachers, and onto the dance floor.

My landlord brought my towel back after washing it, and decided to walk my dog again. I wonder what would happen if I left a tooth under my pillow?

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