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I did a Lowry assay of my microsomal fraction and homogenate. I had to stay late and finish all alone in the lab b/c I had some meeting with other grad students interested in Pharmacology and Toxicology (only 6?) . The department gave us our own desks in the department building.. Not like I particularly need a space, but it does take 3 different keys to get to the desk (which they gave us) and it's all for us. Shmancy. I can put what I need in my lab anyway. Everybody eats in the lab, and the profs have 'tea time' in the afternoon. I sip on some juice in the fridge, but I can't get into the idea of eating in a Bio Safety Level 2 laboratory. Not that I don't trust myself or my labmates, but would you eat a sandwich in a room with a nuclear waste can and 3 biowaste cans 10 feet from the fridge, and 'molecular toxicology' stamped on the door? Me neither. It's creepy enough that there's 10 L of ether sitting right next to the microwave. Boom!

I did the bulk of my 2nd question tonight; I had to design an experiment that would prove that a particular protein was involved in some cell function. Easy, I just used the project I'm working on now as the protein. I did have to BS some new techniques based on the lectures. But hopefully I'm giving them what they're looking for.

My dog peed on my couch again. I soaked the couch skirt in boiling water to get it out (I think that's the best way to do it.) It's back to leashing to bed.

I was looking through my book of Emily Dickinson poetry the other day. She is one of my favorites. She's the only one who could adequately capture the depth of despair that I myself enjoy, and she is succinct (that is one of the cardinal virtues). She doesn't always rhyme, and that to me shows that she cares a bit more for the words than for the scheme. I'll try to find something of hers to post.

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