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Very last day at LSU..

My family took me out to eat yesterday for my birthday, and I chose Pave, some new place. THE WORST PLACE IN BR. for 4 to eat it was $160.00, and not one of us could finish our food because of the horrible taste. It was atrocious. They were blaring some weird techno so loud we could hardly hear each other. And the service sucked balls. All in all, I categorically refuse to ever enter that place again.

My dog ate some chocolate while we were gone. My mother has a problem leaving that crap out everywhere. I hate chocolate, and she hoardes it like gold. Perhaps when it kills my dog, she'll reconsider.

Today was the last day of class for me, for good, at LSU. I only had a half-day, and I walked around campus for a long while looking for anyone I knew. In a student body of 32,000, it's not easy. Not a single person. I got depressed and left. Put down a payment on a dive trip on Memorial day weekend, and went home.

Got a letter in the mail saying there's a hold put on my registration, something about a missing credential. I hope it's not a missing recommendation, because I don't know how I'll get ahold of a teacher to get one now.

Not much else to say. Studying isn't fun. I'll be getting up early to study all day. Yay. Maybe I'll take a break to do some yard work or build my grille. We'll see.

I'll miss LSU. I'll really miss the stuff that went on at school, and all the friends that I lost touch with, never got to say goodbye to. Oh, well. More depressing thoughts. I've just got to get over the hurdle of finals.

What would cheer me up, would be to do that little photo project I've been thinking of for a few years. That'd be fun.

What'd really make me feel good is to get this house a little bit fixed before I move away. I'll be able to do small helping jobs when I visit, but nothing really big. I need to get both my room squared away and the deck fixed, and the rest of the back yard too.
The storage room needs a LOT of work, it and the garage and laundry room are the worst. But luckily most of the problems of those rooms are easily fixed with a big trash can.

The graduation party is officially going to be held in my back yard. And I can't believe it, Scott offered to help clean up the yard and get stuff squared away! Shock of shocks! Excellent, things might actually get done, between Me and him and my truck. We can even get the old grill and half-burned trees out. Bueno!

A little trashing, and vine cutting, and we'll be ready to go! I've deposited on the pig, and my sister's printing up invitations. Excellent..

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