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I went to the lab this morning and ran a couple of TLC's. Neither came out. Dammnit. It turns out that the reason was that Palmitic Acid Methyl Ester has no C=C double bonds, and the iodine fixer marks by iodinization across a double bond. DUh. I didn't think about it. I'm glad, I thought maybe I'd screwed it up. Well, I ran another when I got back from my Cell Biology orientation (Which SUCKED, btw. Do we really need group scavenger hunts in fucking graduate school? I am insulted at how juvenile I am being treated at this place.) At least the lab's really low-key. I don't even have to wear a lab coat if I don't want to (after I just bought one...) or glasses, but I do wear gloves (my choice). Two married girls in the lab w/ me. we all went to lunch together; I enjoyed it. They're helping me get oriented. The prof's are nice too. We all met up at a biotransformation workshop that'll be meeting once a month to discuss current research. Pretty snazzy.

When I got home, I found that my dog had pissed on my couch again. I'm taking his water bowl until it's dinner time again. He will always be untrustworthy, like an adult that will always act like a child. I don't know who to blame. I'll blame myself by default. And I think another dog will help. I'm crazy, maybe?
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