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I was chastised today at the cell bio group meeting today, for not participating. Myself and two chinese students. They don't speak english well, I just didn't really want to talk. I'm shy in groups. I hate talking in small groups to people I don't know, and in these circumstances I suffer for it. I'll make an attempt next time. I'm annoyed with myself because I realized what I was doing and let it continue. I just don't like discussion with strangers. It's not my style, and I hate having to go against my nature for things like some simple paper on potassium channel pumps. Annoyance.

My SCUBA stuff came in today. That's nice.
My dog chewed up two separate blinds today which I'll have to break my bank to replace, and I broke the shock collar. That was not nice. I've gotten myself to the point a step past anger, to an impotent depression that lingers underground like a coal seam fire.

I'm going into the lab tomorrow early to run some TLC's and get practiced up. Hopefully my lab coat will be hemmed by then..
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