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So, .. I got bored. I made a livejournal page. it's almost 10pm in BR, and TNG is about to come on. Lame day of class today, Took my Physical chemistry Exam, then endured 90 minutes of Nuclear Export Processes. But, when I got home, I checked my email, and found out that I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR A PH.D. PROGRAM AT UTMB!!!! Holy frickin mackerel! I'm so pleased with myself. I thought the interviews went well (I got to interview with seven professors, everyone else only interviewed with 5) I was told several times that my scores were outstanding, but I thought they were just yanking my chain, frankly. I guess not, because the director told me they were delighted to offer me a position.

I was informed a week or two ago by the University of Tennessee, Memphis that I'd most likely be offered a position there, too. I was strangely not as happy at that point. Maybe it's because I don't really want to move there. Of course, I'll not base my entire life on a city's reputation. (I've actually lived in both Memphis and Galveston) I'll have to look again at the facilities, curricula, and faculty.

I.. I'm just too elated to express myself. I'm on ICQ with a buddy of mine, Blackwolf, but I don't want to bore him with all the details. All I have to do now is graduate. In fact, If I attend UTMB, I've been somewhat offered a position in the laboratory of one of the professors there during this summer.

hmm. what else. My Uncle is in from Slidell. Who cares.
I installed a new ceiling fan today, only took me about 15 minutes. I'm becoming more and more proficient as a handyman(how gay does that sound?)

I've not had any time to post (or frankly read much of) a.l.f. lately. This semester's been kicking my ass.. Biochemistry 4094, Physical Chemistry 4001, Molecular Regulation of Cell Function 4450, Analytical Chemistry Lab 2002. I've got no free time except to check email and a few online comix every day or so. I miss the NGs, I miss the ICQs. Maybe it'll get easier when I graduate. Yeah right.

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