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Chicken soup for the Symantec Lover's soul

I went out and bought Internet Security 2002 and SystemWorks 2002 because 2000 version didn't run on XP and I was getting paranoid about my computer again. That and some disks and some inkjet iron-on paper cost about $215.00. Jesus christ in a fucking basket.

Groceries cost about 63.00

I'm cooking a chicken stock right now so I can use it to make homeade chicken noodle soup tomorrow. mmmm.. chicken soup. I enjoy soup more than any other food. I dunno why.

I'm swearing off lowfat milk too, now, b/c I forced myself to drink skim to get rid of it, and now I'm used to the taste. If it tastes basically the same, what's the point of drinking an extra 2% fat?

Hope this new software pays off. I looked at the Red Hat box that was there, but I wasn't ready to pay $60 for a new OS, especially because I'm not sure I'd enjoy it. And I'm not sure how to easily partition my HD.
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